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The CoDrone Mini is a tiny and zippy mini drone that can be programmed with blocks using Blockly or with Python. This innovative program aims to teach kids ages 8+ how to program and fly drones in safe and fun 90-minute weekly classes!
El CoDrone Mini es un ‘drone’ pequeño diseñado para ser volado en interiores. Su innovador diseño le permite ser volado utilizando control remoto o ser programado para vuelos autónomos mediate el uso de lenguaje de programación. Invitamos a todos los niños a partir de los 8 años de edad a unirse a este innovador programa para aprender a volar y programar drones en class de 90 minutos semanales.

Benefits of Drone coding for STEM learning:

Students who are interested in technology will be captivated by the CoDrone Mini and the drone coding labs, as they’ll see how coding can have an impact directly on the real world. This way, they’re not only able to understand what’s going on with their program but also be more creative about using these technologies in their everyday lives!
  • Aerodynamics

    Drones are an awesome tool to teach children about 3D perception as it needs them move across the space and have an understanding of aerodynamics.

  • Cognitive Development and Critical Thinking

    Whether flying indoors or outdoors, children will improve their cognitive reasoning skills by reacting to changes in flight patterns and environments, helping them when they need to make quick decisions under pressure.

  • Introduction Electronics

    Coding a drone to fly specific patterns will also help children become familiar with the internal electronics that make the device work.

School locations do not require after school registration

Programas escolares no requieren registro en el After School de la escuela
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