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K-wolves eSports Program

(Boys & Girls Ages 8-12)
eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in entertainment and your child can take part in a program infused with STEM-based courses designed to spark his/her love for science, technology, engineering, and math! Playing, competing and learning, all in one place!

Starting August 24, 2023!


Highlights of our K-wolves eSports program:

Our eSports program is an add-on to the regular After School program at TeKniK LABS located inside The Children’s First Preschool.

STEM-based Online platform where kids can see their points, interact with fellow team members and access courses.

We use consoles (PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox) with E-rated games such as Mario Kart, NBA 2K23, Super Mario Smash Bros and Rocket League!

Ages 8-12 can sign up to become a K-wolves team member. Kids compete and train grouped by age on Game Days!

The top 10 K-wolves members with the most amount of points in a season will represent the entire team at the E.G.L. Championship!

On-time registration fee of $100 and a monthly fee of $300 (includes After-School homework assistance and snacks!)


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The League: Elite Gaming Live!

Our goal at EliteGamingLIVE is to support and encourage grade 3-12 students to hone their skills while also preparing them for the future. We believe in fostering educational opportunities through video games that also promote positive interactions and community support. Learn more about the league here

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Educationally designed for kids...

The TeKniK LABS K-wolves eSports program is designed to bring the benefits of one of the fastest-growing competitive industries in the world, with STEM-based learning (Science, technology, engineering, and math)

Every season, our K-wolves team players earn points by accomplishing two objectives: completing STEM-based courses on EGL Academy AND competing on selected console video games on Game Days.

K-wolves who add the most amount of points per season are then invited to represent our K-wolves team in a National EGL (Elite Gaming Live) Championship against other registered teams to become the ultimate STEM-based Video Game Champions and earn prizes!

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Numbers say it all

Video Games inspire!

Kids involved in eSports display a higher preference for studies related to STEM-based fields which are higher paid and with a growing demand!

1 %
STEM-related fields
1 %
eSports & gaming
1 %
Other non tech fields

Location and Registration

TeKniK LABS at The Children’s First Preschool

K-Wolves eSports program is part of TeKniK LABS & The Children’s First Preschool’s After-School program in West Kendall. NOW Registering for fall season 2023, call us and secure your child’s spot today!

TeKniK LABS is located inside the preschool on the first floor. Game Days will be scheduled every other Saturday during each season!

Interested in K-wolves eSports?

Contact us using the form below or call us at (866) 384-5501
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Are you interested in ONLINE Coding Classes?

Using the magic of Virtual Learning through Zoom, kids connect daily to learn more about CODING in a Fun, Safe, and Educational Environment led by Professional TeKniK LABS Instructors.

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