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CODE your Child's future Today!

Coding is learning the language of computers to create Apps, Websites, Program Robots and Games. Coding is quite simply the language of the future, does your child know how to code?
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CODING is not the future… is TODAY!

Teach your child How to Think using ROBLOX and Minecraft... and learn to code along the way!

Online Coding Classes

Coding Classes

Online Classes for Boys & Girls ages 8-12. Learn to CODE M.O.D.S. and PLAY your favorite game from the comfort and safety of home.

Coding Classes

Online Classes for Boys & Girls ages 8-12. Learn to CODE Mini games and PLAY with LIVE Instructors and other Roblox-loving friends.
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In-person programs in South FL

In-person Roblox and Minecraft Coding Classes in South Florida

Our TeKniK LABS in-person coding classes are hosted in schools and other venues located in South Florida. This is the list of available locations, new locations are added constantly, so don’t forget to re-visit this page constantly!

FIRST® LEGO® League ROBOTICS Competitions Team

Would you like your child to learn about creating real-life solutions to real-life problems while making friends and building robots with LEGO® bricks? This program is all about teamwork and critical thinking.

Why use games to teach, aren't games bad for kids?

An engaging encounter with coding early in life can unlock a passion that propels your child into a very exciting personal path! At our local classes in South Florida, we’ve seen firsthand how access to quality tech instruction ignites curiosity and a passion for learning in the thousands of kids we’ve taught over the past six years. An online TeKniK LABS class experience can be the catalyst for a life of pursuing innovation, building, and trailblazing for your young learner.

Ready to get the CREATOR  Spark Ignited in your child?

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The Creative Potential of Minecraft Classes

Minecraft provides an opportunity for students to learn and explore in a creative and open-ended environment. With its popularity on the rise, more parents are …


Why Every Child Should Learn to Code?

Nearly every aspect of our lives is touched by code in some way. And as technology continues to advance, coding will only become more and …

Meet the Instructors

“Learning how to write code gives kids a powerful way to express their creativity through technology.”
Stephen Anderson

“There are tons of reasons to learn about coding! My favorite part is the fact its like solving a puzzle, when solved, it lets you do amazing things!”

Nick Jablonski

“Why learn about coding? Ultimately, though there are many practical applications and job opportunities in fields related to programming and computer science, I think the greatest reason to learn computer programming is in the joy found through design.”

Logan Langdon
“Teaching kids to code is amazing, it serves as a way to guide the new generation to create something new. As being a teacher, we are directly on the frontlines of helping the next generation become better than we are today.”
Phelixx Sanchez

Looking For a Career?

Do you like to teach programming? We are excited to have people like you. Join our team! We have remote (anywhere in the US) and in-person positions (South Miami: Kendall, Doral, and Homestead areas) available!

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We are excited to have people like you. Join our team!

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“Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think”

Steve Jobs

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