In-person Programs in South Florida

From After-School coding LABS taught in selected public, private, and charter schools, to in-house programming with eSports, LEGO® Competitive Robotics, and even camps! You can always find a fun and convenient TeKniK LABS program at a location nearby. 

Coding Summer Camps 2023!

Roblox Coding Classes for Kids
Make this summer break a time to learn new skills!

Learning to code is learning the language of technology. Creating games can help your child understand the power of sequential thinking and how to bring their creative ideas to life through video game design. If you are located in South Florida, make this summer fun AND educational by registering your child (Ages 8-12) to any of our ROBLOX, Minecraft, and Drones Coding Camps located at the Pinecrest Community Center. Half-day and full-day weekly schedules are available. Choose one or multiple weeks. Limited Spots

Coding After School LABS!

Our in-person after-school coding LABS are hosted in schools and other venues located in South Florida. This is the list of available locations, new locations are added constantly, so don’t forget to re-visit this page.​

Important notice: School locations are restricted to students of that school. Pinecrest Community Center and The Children’s First Preschool are open to all kids!

Other IN-PERSON programs

In Pinecrest & Kendall.

Learn GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY through Educational Play!

Summer Coding Camp Miami FL

Prepare your child for tomorrow during School break!

Half-Day (Morning and Afternoon) and full-day options are available. Register directly with Pinecrest Community Center Main Office or click on the button below for the full camp lineup, pricing and additional information!

Don't take our word for it, listen directly from industry leaders...

Video fragment is taken from creators of the Hour of Code Initiative
Coding Classes for Kids Miami FL

Not located in South Florida?

Sign up for Online classes with LIVE instructors, small groups, and even 1:1 classes for fast track learning! All from the comfort of home.

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“Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think”

Steve Jobs

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