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Kids ages 8-12: Will learn different CODING skills using our amazing CODE editor to build Roblox Mini-games with a variety of goals and settings that will keep your child engaged while transitioning to JavaScript coding Language. Dodge barrels, model objects, fight zombies, and even escape from a prison maze guarded by lasers; all using the power of CODE while learning about functions and conditionals, as well as debugging and refactoring code.

Important: Please download and complete the Guide Located here BEFORE the beginning of your trial Class.

FREE Trial Class Policies:

  • Exclusive for kids ages 8-12.
  • Limited to 1 trial per child per program.
  • Double bookings WILL BE CANCELED
  • NO SHOW will automatically cancel any other booking as wasted time slots could be used to accommodate other children.
  • Preparation Guide MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR to Trial Class.
  • Parents must assure Computer and Internet Connection meets the requirements described in the Preparation Guide.

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